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car accident

Do I Need an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Do I Need an Attorney After a Car Accident? As if being in a car accident isn’t stressful enough, after such a crash you need to decide if there’s any reason to hire an attorney. Whether to hire a lawyer after an auto accident may not always be obvious because it really depends on what…

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car accident

What to do After a Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident After a car accident, it can be hard to keep your thoughts straight and your actions rational. Adrenaline is pumping through your body, your mind is going in a million different directions and there is an incredible amount of stimulus to take in. Going through the trauma of…

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car accident

How to Prep Your Car for Safety

How to Prep Your Car for Safety It’s hard to predict if or when you’ll be in a car accident, but there are things you can do physically and mentally every time you get in the driver’s seat to minimize the severity of a crash. Your health and safety—and the health and safety of your…

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What a Chiropractor can help

Watch out for these common ingredients

Watch out for these Common Ingredients Your body is being exposed to many synthetic chemicals that are added to products you use every day. Look for these common ingredients in your skin lotions, deodorant, makeup, and sunscreen. Proplylene Glycol – Main ingredient in anti-freeze and airplane de-icing agents. Toxic to the central nervous system, causes…

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Whiplash 101

Whiplash 101 One of the most common injuries that occur as a result of car accidents is whiplash. Known clinically as an “acceleration/deceleration injury,” whiplash may not appear to be a serious problem right away. Consider this: A rear-end collision that happens at five miles per hour delivers the same force as catching a ten-pound…

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