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Chiropractor Christopher Wolff D.C.
Ballard Location

Chiropractor Ballard Seattle WA Christopher WolffDr. Wolff, founder of Vitality Specific Chiropractic has been practicing in Seattle, WA Ballard area since 1998. A graduate of Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in 1997, Dr. Wolff was one of the first to specialize in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique and served on the Blair Chiropractic Society Board of Directors.

His approach to health is to live proactively rather than reactionary, and, as an Ironman Triathlete, he serves as a model for taking the next generation of wellness to unprecedented levels. His visionary leadership has led to the opening of six successful upper cervical chiropractic clinics in the greater Seattle WA area.

Chiropractor Deborah Cotten D.C.
Bothell Location

Chriopractor Ballard Seattle WA Deborah BenlienDr. Cotten was destined to be a Chiropractor. Her passion and commitment to chiropractic treatment stem from chronic ailments that she has encountered since an early age. Severe ear infections and asthma were her childhood companions. As a young child, Dr. Cotten was forced to give up on her favorite activities due to ailments and that was just the tip of the iceberg. As she grew up, in addition to her existing chronic ailments, she encountered severe headaches that further deteriorated the quality of her life. Pain, inhalers, and antibiotics were constant parts of her life.

Despite receiving medical treatment for her conditions, she was robbed of a happy and content childhood and adolescence. Coincidentally, it was a car accident that put Dr. Cotten on the path to healing and becoming a chiropractor. She got into a car accident and her injuries eventually led her to a chiropractor. That's when things took a turn for the better!

Chiropractor Andrew Hankins D.C.
Ballard Location

Chiropractor Ballard WA Andrew HankinsDr. Andrew Hankins graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri in December 2017. Born and raised in Edwardsville, Illinois, Dr. Hankins has had a passion for chiropractic since his life was changed by Upper Cervical care at age 12. After struggling with constant headaches, depression, anxiety, and a stomach ulcer for six months, Upper Cervical chiropractic was able to restore his health. Since that day he has known he wanted to be a chiropractor. Dr. Hankins has committed countless hours to learning the trade by shadowing other Upper Cervical doctors and completing Blair training. He has a heart for helping people and is passionate about providing inspiration for those who have lost hope in their health.

Marquesa Newman - LMP
Located at Ballard & Bothell Locations

Chiropractic Ballard Seattle WA massage therapistMarquesa has been practicing massage therapy since 2007, with focus on treatment and injury rehabilitation. She joined the Vitality Specific team in 2009 as our first massage therapist, and has become a believer in Upper Cervical Chiropractic, working alongside the doctors as a valuable part of each patient's care. She has completed an 800-hour Medical Massage Certification course and is certified in intra-oral massage for treating TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, sinus issues, and improve voice range. She loves using her knowledge and intuition to identify the root cause of pain, and the skill to treat and improve lives.

Jeong Lee - LMT
Ballard Location

Chiropractic Ballard Seattle WA Jeong massage therapistJeong has been practicing since graduating Renton Technical College's 1,000-hour massage program in 2010. He specializes in treatment of chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions by incorporating a wide variety of techniques, including myofascial release, Bowen Technique, craniosacral, ligament stimulation, and neuromuscular re-education. He is practitioner of Tensegrity Medicine, a unique approach to structural therapy that combines postural assessment, gait assessment, and myofascial length muscle testing to determine the most effective treatment location to restore functional movement, decrease or eliminate pain, and provide 3-dimensional balance to the body.

Ila Barlean - LMT
Ballard Location

Chiropractic Ballard Seattle WA Ila Massage TherapistIla Barlean is an intuitive and multi-discipline healer, teacher, and massage therapist who has been involved in fitness and wellness since her teen years. Her interest in body movement and vitality stemmed from a decision she made as teenager. Her passion was expressed in swimming, which she excelled at, including being a qualifier for the NCAA Nationals in 1996, as well as being voted Most Motivational Team Player and earning Most Valuable Swimmer on the Southern Illinois University women's Varsity swim team. Ila was included in Who's Who in Sports in 1991.

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Health and Education, with minor studies in Global and Cultural Psychology from Southern Illinois University, she went on to coach and train triathletes in Japan, returning to the US to work briefly as a model, including modeling for REI in 2003. In 2004, she founded Barlean Consulting, her personal training company, and was recognized in Allure Magazine in 2009 as the Top Trainer of the year.

In recent years, her focus has shifted to the healing arts, after realizing that fulfilling her aggressive fitness goals had in fact taken a toll on her body. She began with earning her Certification as a massage professional from Ashmead College of Massage and earned a Certification in Visceral Massage from that school as well. She trained in Thai massage, is certified as a Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Kryia Yoga and Inner Sahkthi Yoga and Para Tan Sound Healing. She has also studied several forms of energy healing, is a Certified Brain Management Consultant and teacher and has studied acupuncture in Hilo, HI.

She has developed a style of massage that aligns the tissue via massage, Acu-pressure, meridian lines, and majority focus on breath education.

Ila is a certified Hypnotherapist and ideal clients are those with a desire to overcome tissue issues and pain.

Leo Santana - LMT, PT
Located at Ballard & Bothell Locations

Chiropractic Ballard Seattle WA Jeong Leo massage therapistLeo Santana has been one of our star massage therapists since 2012! He studied massage at Cortiva Institute in 2011, after receiving his personal trainer certificate. He has since become a licensed Physical Therapist, practicing at Totem Lake Physical Therapy when he isn't giving massage. His style blends deep tissue, trigger point & neuromuscular release with a goal of teaching the mind to listen to the body. As a multiple disciplinary healer, he is able to see the positive impact massage has and believes it to be a lifestyle focused on good health. He uses his knowledge of the body, in fitness and massage to educate his clients about their overall well-being.

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