A Healthy Spine Means A Healthy Life in Ballard Seattle WA

A Healthy Spine Means A Healthy Life in Ballard Seattle WA

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The significance of a healthy spine cannot be emphasized enough. Unfortunately, people are generally oblivious to the importance it really holds for a healthy and productive life in Ballard Seattle WA. It is the spinal cord that affords you the ability to twist and bend and make almost every other movement. An injured spine effectively restricts your mobility. Whether it's an accident that injures it, persistent bad posture is the culprit, or it is just affected by the wear and tear that comes with age, it will all lead to restrictions in mobility and difficulty sitting up straight, bending, picking up stuff and in neck movement.

Furthermore, the spine is fundamental in regulating a lot of hormones and determining neural responses.

How a Bad Spine Can Affect your Health and Well Being in Ballard Seattle WA

The spine is the primary component of the nervous system which sends electrical impulses throughout your body and allows you to feel every sensation. When the spinal cord gets damaged, this can affect the neural responses, potentially depriving you of sensations of different parts of your body.

An injured spine can be a cause of more than just discomfort and immobility. The food and water that we swallow travel down the esophagus before reaching the stomach.  The esophagus runs parallel to the spine and an injured spine can press against it obstructing that vital function which would require nothing less than surgery to avert any further damage.

Over the course of your life, traumas, incorrect movements, high-intensity exercises, and bad posture can all come together to take a toll on the spine and lead to degenerative diseases or derangement of the spine. Often times we don't realize all of the minor traumas we have in life from being born to falling off the bed to learning to walk to sports injuries or even concussions or car accidents.

This goes greatly deteriorates the quality of your life. Imagine not being able to take part in your favorite sport anymore or not being able to maintain that level of fitness as weight lifting is a luxury you're no more able to afford. Add to that the persistent pain and discomfort that you suffer on a daily basis, and you're left with a miserable life where you are not even half as productive, successful, and happy as you should have been.

Maintaining Spine Health

Besides sitting up straight, not lifting heavy weights, and avoiding sudden twists and jerks, there is more that needs to be done to provide our spines the care that they deserve.

Upper cervical chiropractic in Ballard Seattle WA is unique because of its specificity. Each adjustment is tailor-made to the uniqueness of the individual. We are able to get to the source of the problem with the specialized knowledge that our Chiropractors at Vitality Specific Chiropractic in Ballard Seattle WA have. This form of chiropractic has been quite the rage in the recent past as the true importance of spine health has come into the limelight.

The philosophy behind this specialized form of chiropractic is that since a number of disabilities, restrictions in range of motion, and injuries are caused by the derangement of the spine, it is here where the cure must be applied as well. The relationship between the function of the spine and how the nervous system relates to health is why we get our patients the good results that we do. It has been shown to resolve the underlying reason for a number of ailments.

All in all, the spine is vital in maintaining a healthy and active life. If you suspect any of the aforementioned symptoms or want to see how healthy your spine is, do check out our dedicated chiropractic services to have them taken care of by our extremely professional staff and practitioners.


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