The Chiropractic Appointment: What to Expect After a Car Accident in Ballard Seattle WA

The Chiropractic Appointment: What to Expect After a Car Accident in Ballard Seattle WA

The Chiropractic Appointment: What to Expect After a Car Accident in Ballard Seattle WA

Even if you're in the tiniest auto collisions in Ballard Seattle WA, your concerns shouldn't end with a final interview with the police before leaving the scene of the accident. Your car may not show any signs of damage in crashes up to 12 miles per hour, but it's very possible for your body to sustain an injury at this speed. In fact, more than half of all whiplash injuries happen in instances where there is no damage to the vehicle. This is why your upper cervical chiropractor should be the first line of treatment after any car accident-regardless of the severity of the crash.

Make an Appointment with Your Ballard Seattle WA Chiropractic after an Auto Accident

It's possible that you may not feel injured after a minor crash, but you should always make an appointment with your chiropractor right away. Not only is it important to have your spine examined to ensure no trauma has occurred, but if you don't see a medical practitioner immediately after an accident, your insurance company may be able to separate your accident from your injury.

At the first chiropractic appointment after your accident, your chiropractor will ask what happened during the crash. He'll want to know how the car was hit and at what speed, but what is particularly important to him is your body's reaction to the accident. Make sure you tell him what hurts (if anything) if there are any particular movements or positions that are painful and the severity of the pain.

Your Ballard Seattle WA chiropractor may use MyoVision technology to measure muscle tension in your neck and along your spine. This graphic representation will show any injured areas that you might not even realize exist, which will allow him to begin treatment so that your condition doesn't worsen into something that may become increasingly difficult to correct. A MyoVision measurement is also important because if you need to go to court due to injuries from an auto accident, this data will strengthen your case.

After an evaluation, your chiropractor will recommend a course of treatment. Perhaps you'll need to return on a weekly basis for a while to ensure your body is able to readjust correctly back to its normal state. Your upper cervical chiropractor may also suggest that you refrain from some movements for a certain length of time to help expedite the healing process.

The bottom line is this: Your chiropractor should always be consulted after a car accident. Don't hesitate to make an appointment, even if you feel the incident may be minor or insignificant. When it comes to your health and wellbeing, nothing is trivial.


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