How Appropriate Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Care Helped Shape Dr. Benlien-Cotten’s Future

How Appropriate Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Care Helped Shape Dr. Benlien-Cotten's Future

How Appropriate Ballard Seattle Chiropractic Care Helped Shape Dr. Benlien-Cotten’s FutureIt used to be my profession, chiropractic care, didn't get the respect that it deserved. Many thought of us Ballard Seattle chiropractors as alternative healers or allied health professionals who provide comfort to accident victims.

Myths Busted in Ballard Seattle

Today those unfortunate myths are a thing of the past while people turn to us regularly for wellness, and not just for the occasional injury. Parents are bringing their little ones to chiropractors to help reduce symptoms of asthma, frequent colds, and colic. In recent years, studies have shown that through appropriate chiropractic care, chronic ailments such as ear infections can be managed.

I too learned about the benefits of chiropractic care for chronic ailments, albeit in a different kind of way. Throughout my childhood, and well into my teens, I consistently had congestion issues, otitis media (commonly known as ear infections) and asthma. I spent more time in my pediatrician's office than on the playground.

My parents missed work.

I missed school.

My quality of life was filled with antibiotics, an inhaler and boxes of Kleenexes.

Then, at age 16, I was involved in a minor traffic collision. I had immediate low back pain. It was recommended that I seek treatment from a chiropractor, which I did. Several times a week I went for adjustments. At some point, I realized that not only was my back pain go away but I wasn't using my inhaler as much. My overall quality of life was improving. But, at the time, I didn't associate it with chiropractic care. That came later, and through my own experience learning about the profession as a student.

Then, on a week-long trip to El Salvador with fellow chiropractic students, I truly understood what it meant to help people suffering from pain and the benefits of chiropractic care. During the trip, we performed hundreds of adjustments a day and, within days, people were showing improvements. One woman, in particular, had multiple sclerosis and experienced involuntary handshaking as a result. About two days after an adjustment, she returned and showed the team her hands were no longer shaking.

Although we didn't cure her multiple sclerosis - there currently isn't one for the debilitating disease, the adjustments we made in all likelihood provided her some relief. Watching this woman's life change, as well as others, opened my eyes.

The truth of the matter is chiropractors and medical doctors have similar education and licensing procedures, and monitoring by state and federal peer-reviewed boards. Rather than relying on medicine and surgery, we utilize very specific adjustments especially in the upper neck to allow the body to function properly. When one or more bones in the upper neck are out of position there is no way your body can function at 100%.

Here, at Vitality Specific Chiropractic, our specialty is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Ultimately, we want to help our patients improve their quality of life.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in more information about chiropractic care or our company, please give us a call at (425) 678-9977 in Mountlake Terrace or (206) 297-2792 in Ballard Seattle.

Authored by Dr. Deborah Benlien-Cotten


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